Cracking Bone Problems: Does My Neck Pain Cause Nausea?

By Dr. Drew Voelsch

Neck pain is a common problem for people of all ages. This condition happens because of improper posture, straining, and injury. The effects of this body pain can negatively impact our everyday life, including how we work and perform our routines. 

However, as you try to determine the cause of this body pain, you may wonder at some point if your neck pain can make you feel dizzy. These symptoms are likely connected, and some conditions may have these signs. 

This article will enumerate the conditions that will present these symptoms. We’ll also tackle how you can keep a healthy neck, treat this body pain, and how chiropractic treatments can help. 

What Conditions Will Present Neck Pain And Nausea?

Here are some conditions that will present these symptoms.

1. Neurological Conditions 

Conditions like Fibromyalgia, migraines, and other nerve issues, can cause neck pain and nausea. Migraines usually result in neck pain and nausea, and at least 75% of sufferers experience a combination of these symptoms.

2. Vestibular Conditions

These conditions are a group of illnesses affecting the inner ear and how the body maintains balance. Examples of vestibular conditions include Meniere’s disease and other disorders that disrupt the balance system. These conditions can cause neck pain, dizziness, and nausea. 

How To Keep A Healthy Neck 

The excellent news about neck pain is you can easily prevent it from happening. Here are three ways to keep a healthy neck:

1. Exercise

Exercising to keep a healthy weight will help alleviate your neck and spine strain. Regular physical activity can also help strengthen your core and other muscles, which can help prevent neck pain.

2. Nutrition

You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent neck pain by eating nutritious foods. Filling your plate with healthy fats, lean proteins, and fresh fruit and vegetables can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce inflammation. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties, like nuts, fish, and leafy greens, can also help minimize the risk of neck pain and nausea.

3. Proper Posture

Keeping a good posture is crucial to keeping your spine aligned properly and reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries, especially when driving, sitting at a desk, or using your phone. You can keep a healthy posture and neck by taking regular breaks and making the necessary adjustments. 

How To Treat Neck Pain 

If you’re already experiencing this body pain, here are four natural ways to treat it.

1. Small Exercises

You may feel tempted to rest until the pain clears. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle can worsen your already painful symptoms. You can reduce the pain by taking a break from regular activities and stretching or walking.

2. Heating Pad

A heating pad may help relax tense muscles and reduce pain and inflammation. Alternate with ice for best results.

3. Ice

You can reduce inflammation by applying ice to your neck several times daily.

4. Massage

Massaging the affected area can support healing by improving circulation. 

Booking Chiropractic Treatments

Sometimes, self-care treatments aren’t always sufficient to alleviate your pain because a misaligned spine can cause discomfort. Your chiropractor can assess your condition and work to realign your spine, which can help ease your neck pain and nausea. 

What To Expect In Your Appointment

During your first chiropractic treatment, you can expect an exam and x-rays. The chiropractor will look for the source of the pain and make the necessary adjustments. They may also work with you so you can make the required lifestyle changes, such as taking supplements and investing in postural correction. It’s essential to keep seeing your chiropractor even after the neck pain has subsided.

Alleviating The Creaking Pain

Nobody deserves to suffer from neck pain because it can affect their daily lives. Fortunately, making lifestyle changes and booking chiropractic treatments can help alleviate the discomfort. 

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