4 Methods Chiropractors Use to Know What Body Part to Adjust

By Dr. Drew Voelsch

The human body is a complex and unique machine with countless moving parts and systems that work together to ensure our proper functioning. It also helps us stay alive. 

Despite all the medical advancements and knowledge, the human body can still be an enigma to most people. Knowing what’s causing the pain can be tricky for many, especially since the spine alone has 24 vertebrae. Meanwhile, professional chiropractors have the proper training and tools to diagnose and treat conditions effectively. 

While their services can help treat or manage your condition, you must also know how they do it. If you want to seek the proper chiropractic care, this article will enumerate four ways chiropractors use to determine what body part to adjust. 

1. Patient’s Symptoms 

Pain is a bodily signal that something’s not right. For instance, if you injure your knee, your body responds with swelling, helping to increase circulation to the affected area. Consequently, you’ll avoid activities that cause pain, allowing your body to start healing naturally.

Your healthcare professional can interpret those signs when communicating discomfort or abnormalities like pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in a specific region. For instance, a tingling sensation in your elbow may indicate your shoulder joint isn’t in the correct position. Likewise, you may have a herniated disc if you experience lower back pain following a car accident. 

2. X-Rays 

X-rays are a medical procedure that captures images of bones and soft tissues using a safe amount of radiation. Healthcare professionals use these pictures to identify and treat various conditions. They can also help doctors diagnose multiple bone injuries and issues. 

During your first appointment, your chiropractor will X-ray the areas causing your pain. Also, they’ll ask you to provide your medical history and symptoms to determine what’s causing discomfort. Moreover, your healthcare provider will perform the X-ray in-house, and the results will give a detailed view of the affected joints, allowing them to quickly and efficiently assess your current condition. 

Moreover, the images can show unnatural curvatures, healed fractures, or other factors that may contribute to your pain. That way, your healthcare provider will know the best way to perform your adjustment.

3. Hands-on Treatment

While chiropractors have various tools to help them treat their patients’ concerns, their hands are their most powerful assets. Like other medical professionals, they undergo rigorous training and education. Also, their profound knowledge of the body’s alignment allows them to detect misalignments quickly.

When you visit their chiropractic clinic for your appointment, they may take time to feel around the affected area. They’ll combine this method with X-ray results to give them a comprehensive understanding of your joints. While you cannot distinguish between your vertebrae and someone else’s, a professional will be skilled enough to do this effortlessly. 

4. Standard Adjustment 

Chiropractors usually use a standard adjustment method for most patients, even though they see various conditions in their practice. It may make it seem like their treatments aren’t personalized enough. However, we must know more about the human spine to understand how they customize their treatments for all patients. 

Your spine’s vertebrae have a unique and consistent arrangement. Despite various anatomy textbooks, your spine’s structure remains the same. While your joints may be inaccurately positioned sometimes, remember there’s only one correct alignment. Your healthcare provider will use a standard method to readjust your joints to their proper position as fast as possible. They’ll customize your treatment with X-rays, palpation, and medical exams to ensure maximum comfort.


Chiropractors are best known for their healing hands and various tools to improve patients’ quality of life. You can get the proper help by educating yourself about their methods, being honest about your medical history, and working with a reputable healthcare professional.

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