Understanding Chiropractic Care: What You Didn’t Know

By Dr. Drew Voelsch

Understanding Chiropractic Care: What You Didn’t Know

By Dr. Drew Voelsch

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Direct referrals from friends or family members account for the majority of patients who visit a chiropractor. 

This is because there are still many questions concerning chiropractic care, and certain myths spread false information and minimize the benefits of receiving chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment is an effective form of treatment, and if it leads to improved health, it may be worthwhile to attempt. 

According to studies, seeing a chiropractor and a general physician lowers annual net expenditures and generates savings.

When experiencing severe back or neck pain, people frequently think about seeing a chiropractor, but they can treat several types of pain in addition to this one.

But their work involves much more than just relieving a single discomfort. Additionally, they deal with a range of muscle and joint issues as well as referred pain, which occurs when an issue in one part of the body is causing discomfort in another.

The sections below reveal what you may not know about chiropractic care and practice.

Maintaining Consistency Is Essential

When a patient goes to a chiropractor, it is usually prompted by them experiencing a lot of pain, which shows that a lot of healing needs to take place and that it will take some time. 

Chiropractic treatments won’t heal your body in just one or two sessions, and you shouldn’t expect to see the results immediately away or write the profession off after just one session. 

This is true of practically every type of treatment. Because getting better takes time, it can take a few sessions before you start to notice improvement. You get one step closer to your well-being with every session.

Chiropractors Attend College Much Like Medical Physicians

How can the practices of a chiropractor and a masseur vary when they both use their hands? Right? Wrong. The fact that chiropractors are licensed physicians with the same level of training as medical doctors astounds a lot of people.

Chiropractors Are Masters in Human Anatomy

Chiropractors are experts in nutrition, lifestyle change through exercise therapy, physical anatomy and manipulation, bone diseases, and nervous system disorders. This is quite different from doctors who treat patients with medications.

Chiropractors Have Some of the Most Delicate Fingers

Someone should have magic in their hands if their entire practice is based on their capacity to heal with their hands. One of my final examinations in chiropractic school required me to feel human hair through a hundred pages of a phone book. Chiropractors are among the most sensitive people in the world, and this was no easy task.

Spinal Discs Are Stronger Than Bones

Back pain and spinal disc displacement are two of the most typical conditions that cause patients to visit the chiropractor. 

There is a widespread misconception that discs are brittle since the spinal disc causes so many issues. This is untrue. 

However, once they shift from their initial position, discs tend to become weak since the surrounding support is no longer present to reinforce and support it. Discs are actually stronger than the bones around them.


Chiropractic therapy has no drawbacks unless you consider relieving pain to be a drawback. While you could feel sore after a session, chiropractic techniques simply have no long-term negative effects. The majority of patients leave the clinic feeling instantly refreshed and pain-free.

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